ProSys is a true Boutique Company. All of the consulting, audit or training services offered by ProSys are presented “a la carte” depending on the specific industry needs or third-party vendor concerns of each individual client. 

Vendor Management

In today’s complex third party vendor regulatory environment, companies are struggling to make use of reports and information to set strategies and accomplish business objectives. How many senior leaders would say they are satisfied that their companies get maximum value from information technology? Equally important, how many have a systematic plan for evolving their reporting and information capabilities to meet the next level of regulatory compliance challenges? Your vendor management process must be able to gain insights to better align strategies, and identify critical relationships and gaps in compliance. ProSys has the professional experience, subject matter expertise, reporting and information gathering technologies to ensure that your company will remain an industry leader in third-party vendor risk management.

 A complete range of vendor management policies, processes and procedures covering:

Roles and Responsibilities

Vendor Classification

Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Vendor Contract Management

Vendor Oversight and Review

Vendor Remediation and Termination

A complete range of documents, including:

Those used in evaluating and selecting among competing vendors

 Those used in “on-boarding” selected vendors

Template contracts, terms and conditions

Customized assessment questionnaires, GAP reports and onsite agendas used in monitoring vender performance

Vendor Monitoring, including:

Performance and quality of service

Compliance with contractual terms, including SLAs

Legal and Regulatory compliance

Financial stability

Legal Liability

Corporate Governance

Data Security and Business Continuity

 To view a portion of the assessment questionnaire used during our assessment click here.

To view an overview of the areas covered in the assessment questionnaire click here.

 State of the Art Technology, including:

A user friendly online application that allows for the efficient distribution and completion of -assessment questionnaires and document uploads, as well as customization of GAP report formats

A client portal that allows clients’ access to their vendors’ questionnaire responses, documents and GAP reports, and vendors’ access to the online assessment questionnaire.

Training client personnel in all aspects of vendor management, including:

The use and customization of key documents

Monitoring and documenting vendor performance, including onsite assessments

Use and customization of online assessment questionnaires and GAP reports


  • General Processes and Procedures
  • Valuations
  • Title Search
  • Bankruptcy

Loss Mitigation

  • Borrower Outreach
  • Property inspection
  • Short Sale Management
  • Relocation assistance

Post Foreclosure (REO)

  • Property preservation and code compliance
  • Eviction management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Offer management and contract negotiation
  • Title curative management
  • Closing coordination and recordation


  • Data Reporting and expense management requirments
  • Vendor quality assurance and oversite

All of the consulting, audit or training services offered by ProSys are done so “a la carte” depending on the specific industry needs of each of our individual clients. ProSys shall also make available to its clients any additional services not specifically described which may be needed or requested to ensure industry, regulatory or contractual compliance. These services include the following:

  • Initial Operational Assessment
  • Gap Analysis Measurement and Recommendations
  • Define Current Process and Identify Potential Risks
  • On-Site Assessments
  • Policies and Procedures Controls
  • On-Site Implementation
  • Vendor Review, Assessment, and Management
  • Training