Real Estate Asset Management

Portfolio Acquisition Services

    • Deed-In-Lieu coordination
    • Inspection and Valuation
    • Title Search

 Property Inspection/Occupancy Status

    • Perform Initial inspection, securitization and protection of property
    • Occupancy determination and status reporting
    • Financial Relocation Assistance (FRA) on occupied properties


    • Proactive redemption monitoring
    • Lock-outs and coordination with local authorities
    • Monthly client auditing and reporting

 Property Preservation/Securing

    • Initial rekey, secure, cleaning services
    • Repair issues/concerns identified and reported
    • Return on Investment (ROI) strategies for Rehabilitation

Valuation Services

    • BPO, Appraisal and AVM products
    • Detailed Monthly Market Reports (MMRs)
    • Fraud detection analysis

 Valuation Reconciliation

    • Value reconciliation through multiple valuation points
    • Includes in-depth review of market data and geographic updates
    • Loss analytics and financial projections analyzed

 Market Strategies

    • In-depth analytics of property and surrounding area to identify position within market
    • Recommend strategic list price and effective marketing campaign
    • Variable As-Is and Repaired ROI strategies

 Offer Management

    • On-line Offer Management System
    • Real time offer reporting to customer
    • Offers negotiated to highest and best offer price

 Marketing Services

    • Web Based consumer facing marketing programs
    • Bulk sale transaction management
    • Auction Programs

 Contract Management

    • Contracts reviewed for completeness and accuracy.
    • Contracts processed and returned within 24 hours of receipt
    • Monitor contract-critical dates and contingency deadlines

 Settlement Services

    • Provide detailed net sheet
    • Closing document preparation and ratification
    • Transfer of deed and settlement document recording

 Proceeds and Expense Management

    • Monitor and ensure timely receipt of all disbursements
    • Confirm receipt of wire proceeds
    • Ensure finalization of all services

Vendor Management

    • Vendors designated by service and geographic coverage
    • Web-based, paperless communication and documentation
    • Tasked-based and customized workflow for all vendor activities