About ProSys

ProSys is an executive consulting company providing mortgage servicers and related industry vendors with a broad range of services designed to establish best practices in the provision of servicing solutions. These services center on the federal and local regulatory as well as client mandated compliance requirements related non-performing loans with an emphasis on those activities related to loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and post foreclosure real estate management  as well as the associated vendor management relationships. This focus allows the loan servicer to manage the loan default process while tying together those real estate activities associated with the loss mitigation, foreclosure and post foreclosure process. ProSys was formed by subject matter expert business leaders who saw a need to assist mortgage loan servicing companies and their related vendors in establishing and maintaining compliance with the ever expanding and ever changing regulatory and industry requirements (OCC, DOJ, GSE, etc.), especially in the area of non-performing loans. Our executive leadership team at ProSys has over a century of combined experience in operations, legal and compliance which they put to use in establishing risk aversion based, policies and procedures controls in existing processes, which enable its clients and related vendors to meet and/or exceed all applicable industry, legal and regulatory requirements on a continuing basis. ProSys was established to provide its clients’performance by alleviating the time consuming and costly burden of compliance in a manner least disruptive to its client’personnel and operations. This enterprise will insure that existing and prospective clients can expect the highest quality of services from your organization by creating greater efficiencies in your provision of service. ProSys views every client as a business partner and that our success is 100% dependent on your success and complete satisfaction.